Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia, RN, BSN

The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Houston, Texas
United States

Letter written by NICU Medical Director, Dr. Jayne Finkowski-Rivera:

I would like to make you all aware of my current nursing hero. This nurse has been "primarying" my little patient who is a complex gut baby. Parents are Spanish speaking only. Baby is ready to go home, but has needs such as NG tube placement, very disorganized, even dangerous PO issues, plus the need for monitor and CPR for home. Family has been terrified of learning the care and taking her home. We have had family conferences, discussions with translators, and still they would "miss" meetings with OT and CPR classes.

Edgar Garcia has spent time winning the trust of the family, particularly the dad, and now we are finally on the way to getting this little girl home. Edgar even switched his schedule to come back to work on Thursday this week, just to work with mom again with NG tube placement. This nurse is the ideal example of an invested, caring, attentive nurse, who recognized that this family had social needs beyond the usual, and stepped up with his ease in Spanish AND being a nurse that the dad could relate to. He has helped the family overcome their fears, and now this little girl should be headed home with her loving family very soon.

Just wanted to brighten your day as this nurse has mine. Don't know what "award" this he deserves, but a big time atta boy, and thanks from ME!