Eatricia Dormer

Eatricia Dormer

Eatricia Dormer, BSN, RN

Hyperbaric Unit
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
United States

Trish is one of the hyperbaric nurse pioneers in establishing the hyperbaric oxygen unit in KFSHRC, Riyadh. Her knowledge and passion to provide quality patient care made a great impact in the development and growth of the unit. Moreover, Trish has this remarkable ability to make others around her feel safe and valued. She has a caring spirit that she shares with all who come into contact with her. On direct patient care, she makes sure that everything is well taken care of for the patient and nothing is missed. Patients always remember her for her kind words of encouragement and wisdom and often people around her find her sense of humility and humor, very engaging.

In hyperbaric oxygen unit, patients have their own references on how they wanted to be cared for. One patient doesn't allow any nurse to fix her stuff or prepare her for treatment if it's not Trish who is going to do it. The patient will claim that there's just something extra special about her and we all agree.

In addition to her wonderful attributes in taking care of patients, we also look up her as our reliable senior and trustworthy leader. As a preceptor and trainer, she teaches and trains the new staff for rotating staff enthusiastically, she makes everyone feel welcome in the unit. As a charge nurse, she would execute her role and responsibilities more than what is expected of her. She never fail to go forward and beyond.

Trish makes me want to be a better nurse and a better person. She is such a down to earth person who always seeks the welfare of others on top of hers. Thus, many women do noble things but Trish is one among those who surpass them.