Doreen Anderson

Doreen Anderson

Doreen Anderson, RN, MEd

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/UMHC
Miami, Florida
United States

Doreen Anderson has been described by her peers and her patients as someone who makes a difference in everyone's life every day. She is very professional, skilled, caring and compassionate, is a role model in the Nursing Profession and truly committed to excellence.

She has a special way with children and their families as they go through life-changing illness and in some cases terminal. Doreen eases the pain and brings happiness to her patients even in the midst of their suffering.

Doreen's colleagues know her as Mama Doreen, who always looks after not only her patients but everyone she works with. She has been a nurse for over 30 years, and her patient's mothers trust her to the point of leaving their children with her as they step away from the clinic. She gives them a sense of peace and confidence that their children are in the best hands and care.

Doreen Anderson, not only cares for her patients, but goes above and beyond her role as a nurse. She buys clothing for her needy patients, is never judgemental, and her heart is always in the right place. She is a true patient advocate, not only to the ones assigned to her care, but to any patient in the clinic. She is passionate about what she does.

She not only serves as the nurse, but wears the hat of a social worker, psychologist and whatever hat is needed to meet the needs of her patients.

Her colleagues say there is no one more deserving of this award, as her patients, families and co-workers love her, and feel she deserves to be rewarded for her dedication and hard work.