Donna Cassidy

Donna Cassidy

Donna Cassidy, RN

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital
Darby, Pennsylvania
United States

Not only does Donna do a super job with our schedule, she is a wonderful nurse. Donna is one of the most compassionate nurses I have met.

One morning around 8AM, a beautiful 14 yr old young lady came to the ED with a panic attack. After evaluating her, Donna found out she was a victim of a sexual assault. The patient was having flash backs of the events while in school. She was worried about the upcoming trial and other events in this complicated case. Donna took the time to listen to her and the family and used the resources of WAR and the SANE nurse.

Through this intervention, we were able to find the patient a new counselor for follow-up sessions. Donna's interventions helped the patient through this difficult process.