Divina Garcia

Divina Garcia

Divina Garcia, RN

ICU Cardiac
CHI Franciscan Health - St. Joseph Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States

My husband has been critically ill at St. Joseph Medical Center for 30 days. Divina was one of his early ICU nurses. Divina brings such a positive attitude, cheerful energy, compassion and quality care to my husband. Divina takes time to answer our questions; she explains what is happening to reduce anxiety. She gives the best medicine in her smile and laughter, which always comes with her as she enters the room. Divina never hesitates to call the doctors. She always sees my husband is comfortable and clean. Divina made numerous calls to pharmacy when my husband's medications needed to be altered.

We watched as Divina worked with her fellow nurses and medical staff. She is all about teamwork, pitching in whenever she can. Many days when Divina was not my husband's primary nurse, she still came in to check on him and pitch in. Divina's uplifting focus on the positive brings both my husband and my spirits up. Divina would sit in with us for doctor consults. She made sure my husband's room was clean. Divina was always welcoming to visitors and family when they visited. Everyone who visited us liked Divina.

She has built a very trusting and compassionate relationship with us. She joked with my husband and gave him a lucky penny taped to his room wall. Divina let us put photos up and do whatever she could to help comfort my husband. I can't say enough about this talented, compassionate young nurse. I can only hope that other ill patients can receive the same care and compassion that Divina delivers to us. Divina is an extraordinary nurse who deserves the DAISY Award!