Dina Bennett

Dina Bennett, ASN, BSBA, RN

Critical Care
Select Specialty Critical Illness Recover Hospital, Orlando South
Edgewood, Florida
United States
It bought me to tears to see someone treating my mom with the love and respect she deserves.

My mother came here after an error at another hospital. We were here for a week when I had the pleasure of having Dina as my mother's nurse. Dina showed such concern, caring, knowledge, and interest to learn and teach. She is a comfort to me and my mother. Through her smile, personality, and joy for life, she got my mother to mouth words to her. Thank you. Until this time, my mom usually just mouthed words to me. Dina showed a real understanding of how closely bonded we are and how I do not trust just anyone with my mother. I stayed with my mother 24/7 but felt comfortable leaving for a few hours at a time when Dina was taking care of her. During Hurricane Dorian, Dina was the nurse I trusted to care for my mother. She went above and beyond to take care and ask the doctors when she needed a new medication for my mom. She is extremely smart and we have similar families and backgrounds. She made my mom feel happy when she saw her. She didn’t mind finishing a job even if it was a bit over her time. I couldn't say any more about her other than I hated that she couldn't work every day for my mom's case. She made us feel like she could handle anything and everything; we were family!


My mother has been at this facility roughly two months now and we have been thrilled with the level of care she has received. We’ve had some amazing and dedicated nurses, respiratory care specialists, and therapists. I would love to commend and thank them all. That being said, the person I am nominating is Dina. She is a nurse in my mother's wing and unfortunately in the entire time my mother has been here, she has never once been assigned to her care. Never once, which is hard to believe, because she stops by my mother's room often to just say hi and give my mom a moment of her busy time. This past weekend my mother's nurse was apparently very busy with other patients and Dina stopped by to say hello and I asked if she could get our nurse because my mother needed to be changed. Without missing a beat she said, "I got it" and she went over to my mom, touched her face and said, "We got this" and gave her the biggest hug and proceeded to change her with such care, never stopping the conversation or eye contact. It bought me to tears to see someone treating my mom with the love and respect she deserves. High anxiety, especially in a hospital setting is one of the reasons my mother is still in your care, and to see someone care for her in such a loving way really speaks volumes and gives us so much comfort. This has been a very stressful two months for us and it is people like Dina who make it so much easier for us. We are here every day and every time she sees us, she has a big smile and always asks how we all are. These moments go a long way, especially on the not so good days. Dina shows true love for her job and her compassion and dedication shine through.