Dianna Babauta

Dianna Babauta, RN

PCU Auburn Medical Center
MultiCare Auburn Medical Center
Auburn, Washington
United States
I believe Kim saved his life or at least saved him from other stroke-related consequences.

Diana called me on my cell to ask how far out I was of getting to the hospital to pick up my son, who was supposed to be discharged already. She immediately said he was having signs of the same nature that got him admitted and they had taken him to get a CT scan. Upon my arrival at the clinic, I learned that his discharge paperwork was done and he was having lunch when Diana noticed his face looked like he had food lodged in his mouth at the corner. She cleared it with her fingers and asked him if he was okay. He said he was but she recognized he was having a stroke and immediately acted. I believe she saved his life or at least saved him from other stroke-related consequences. It was her skill and efficiency that made the difference and being observant and caring of her patient.

In addition to his very critical problem that she addressed so incredibly well, when I first arrived at the hospital and met her and watched her work, I was very impressed at how she handled her workload and her caring patient demeanor. She took the time to be very helpful in explaining what was happening with my son’s care and issues and how they were being addressed. I can’t find any fault with her and she is getting high praise for her entire work ethic and compassionate and efficient care of both my son as a patient and me as his mom. She treated us both with the utmost respect, care, and patience and she was very knowledgeable and provided an excellent explanation of doctor notes, tests, results etc. I am very detailed in my quest for information and she was very professional and extremely helpful and appreciated. She deserves this award not for only saving a life but for being the best at her job.