Diane Dovel

Diane Dovel

Diane Dovel, BSN, RN, CCTC

Transplant Surgery
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States

Diane is an extraordinary nurse for a number of reasons. Diane has been a Liver and Kidney Transplant Coordinator for many years. Being a transplant coordinator means developing relationships with many patients and families which Diane is able to do easily and well. She is probably the most caring and compassionate person I know.

I have listened to her explain the Liver Transplant process to families in a very honest yet less frightening way. I have seen her embrace families with all of their challenges without judgment. The best way to describe it is that she meets people where they are. She truly cares about the patients and families she works with and treats them all with respect. She is not afraid to hold patients or families accountable when they are non-compliant but she does so in a way that they understand it is because she cares about them and their future.

I can tell when she talks with families during follow-up calls, they are genuinely happy to hear from her and feel a tremendous amount of support. There is so much warmth in her conversations.

Diane is a true patient advocate and is not afraid to speak up when something needs to be changed or when families have concerns or questions. She works with families to help them advocate for themselves when need be.

She works with various members of different teams in a very collaborative way and is quick to include a multidisciplinary team member if needed. She is always willing to share information and educate new staff and is often giving lectures to new graduate nurses and experienced ICU nurses as well.

Diane is incredibly smart and there is rarely a question I ask her that she cannot answer. This is a tremendous quality whether you are learning a new job from her or are a family hearing a devastating diagnosis for the first time. In the relatively short time that I have known Diane, I have seen what true compassion looks like. I am often in awe of her and cannot think of a more deserving person to receive a DAISY award.