Diane Briones

Diane Briones, RN

Maternal Child
Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Riverside, California
United States

I want to commend Diane for above and beyond demonstration of skills, both technical & people. I felt that I, my wife and new son were safe. I felt understood, which was amazing because I was very upset. I had not slept in 24 hours since my wife gave birth to my son and I was at the verge of a breakdown. Nurse Diane did such a good job comforting me yet quickly executing the priorities within a time frame that let me get some much needed sleep! We felt understood and well cared for. I though this is the best nurse I've ever seen.

Nurse Diane carries a standard of excellence that is above & beyond,she is exactly what the world needs! My wife was frustrated and ready to give up breastfeeding and she strengthened her by manually extracting the liquid gold and manually fed the baby. This saved us from using formula! She strengthened my wife to naturally breast feed with her superior skill. She was able to get our boy to poop by stimulating him to have a bowel movement!