Diane Branson

Diane Branson

Diane Branson, RN, CEN, OR-SANE-A

Emergency Department
Salem Health
Salem, Oregon
United States
Diane is dedicated, committed, compassionate, caring, strives for excellence, and possesses great clinical skills.

Looking at Diane in her ED environment, out on the floor working with patients, one would think she is identical to the other 130 RN’s working in the busiest ED in the state; and they would be partially right. Diane is dedicated, committed, compassionate, caring, strives for excellence, and possesses great clinical skills. What they wouldn’t see are the areas in which Diane goes above and beyond on a daily basis.

Diane is probably best known for her work with our SANE program here at Salem Health. She heroically agreed to pick up the reigns and has done a tremendous job recruiting, training, and providing a vital service to the community in which we serve.  Diane and her nurses show compassion and caring for patients in their most vulnerable state and work tirelessly collecting evidence and counseling this group through a most difficult situation. When our SANE coverage is lacking, Diane is frequently the one to plug the holes to ensure that a trained nurse is available 24/7. I have even heard of her taking calls at 0300 in the morning, standing out on a deck to get service, to advise our leaders on plans of care.

As co-chair of our SPT group here in the ED, Diane is involved in a number of projects, attends Practice Council as needed, is a member of the House wide Staffing Committee, and is continually working to improve the quality of service that we provide to our patients. Diane attends our bi-weekly Emergency Operations Council (EOC) meeting where her input and expertise is vital to the decisions that are made to better our department as a whole.

Outside of Salem Health Diane is involved with SART (Sexual Assault Task Force/Marion County) which meets monthly to discuss issues and trends in treatment and care of our sexually assaulted patients. She sits on the Domestic Violence Council and attends a committee on Human Trafficking. Diane is also an active member in ENA (Emergency Nurses Association) currently a member at large for the Oregon ENA State Council.

One would be hard-pressed to find a nurse with more dedication and drive than Diane, and yet through it all, she performs with grace and attentiveness that would not let on to the thousands of strings that pull at Diane for her time. Diane deserves this prestigious recognition.