Desiree Annemarie J. Quebral, BSN, RN
May 2021
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




From the beginning of my hospitalization to this date, Desiree made a huge impact on my life
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was not an unfamiliar place to me. The difference this time was that I was going to stay longer than any other hospitalization and I would meet my favorite nurse. What started as concern over having a seemingly young nurse who may not understand my complicated condition, became contentment whenever she appeared in my room. Desiree took it upon herself to keep me company and bring me books to keep me busy and entertained even when I was not assigned as her patient. She advocated for me when the new interns and residents tried to change my medication regimen. She was always there to help me when I was feeling worse than other days but most importantly, she listened to my frustrations and my fears and gave me hope and encouragement. She helped me find my will to keep on trying. After a month, my condition worsened, and I had to be moved. I thought that I would never get the opportunity to see her again. But this nurse did not allow us to miss her for much. Desiree took time from her lunch break to visit me and to provide moral support to my mother. When my future was uncertain, she and many other nurses kept my mother company and cared for her as well as for me. Desiree delivered basic hygiene products to my mother and kept me company while my mother had to go back home to rest or shower. When the time for my transplant came, Desiree continued to pay me visits and if she was too busy, she would send me messages with other nurses apologizing for not being with me. From the beginning of my hospitalization to this date, Desiree made a huge impact on my life and I am sure she also cares for other patients and their caregivers as she did for my mother. A nurse like her is hard to find - I hope I can show her all my appreciation for what she did for me and for my mother.