Denise Lawler

Denise Lawler, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System University
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Denise Lawler
This nurse is always excellent. She displays a positive behavior and always team player. She is an excellent teacher for students, co-workers and patients. Denise always provides her patients with excellent care. The following are just two examples of Denise’s contributions to our unit and patient.
On a busy day in the maternity center, my patient progressed quick and was ready for delivery before I had a chance to set up a deliver table or prepare the baby station,. I called out for assistance because I could not leave the bedside. Denise and another RN responded. Denise already had a full assignment of her own, however upon learning that my delivery was imminent, asked me if I needed a baby nurse. When I told her I did, she jumped in and began preparing. She never once complained and helped provide my patient with an excellent and calm birth experience in a chaotic time on our unit. Denise also had a nursing student from CPCC with her and took the time to explain the delivery and newborn infant assessment to her. She provided that student with an excellent experience and example of nursing flexibility and teamwork.
We had a patient that had to be rushed to the OR for STAT c/s for fetal bradycardia. Denise ran to the OR to prepare for the infants arrival. Mom was placed under general anesthesia. Upon delivery the infant had no HR and no respiratory effort. Denise began working the neonatal team on the code. The code lasted 29 minutes before a fetal HR was obtained. Throughout the code, Denise was calm and stated facts and suggestions clearly to the team members. She also facilitated a phone call via speakerphone to our neonatologist, who was on her way in, to explain the situation and obtain orders. We the physician ordered atropine a medication not normally given in neonatal codes, Denise verified the medication and dosage before proceeding. Once a heart rate was obtained, the infant was stabilized and transferred to the NICU. Denise initiated getting the dad to see the infant and 2 year old sibling that would normally have not been allowed in the NINCU. Denise explained all the tubes, wires and medications to the father. The infant was transferred to CMC NICU. On the way out in the transporter, Denise helped take the infant to see mom and dad. Everyone did an excellent job, however Denise stood out to me. Although this situation did not did no ultimately have a happy ending, Denise is one of the main reasons the parents of the baby had the opportunity to help her while she was alive and comfort her during her last moments.