Denise Grandgenett

Denise Grandgenett

Denise Grandgenett, RN

Adair County Memorial Hospital, Health Coach
Adair County Memorial Hospital
Greenfield, Iowa
United States
Denise is always willing to meet with patients before and after hours, if they can’t come in during regular hours.

Denise is a very caring and passionate nurse.  She truly cares for the whole patient and their family.   

Denise works with several departments that rely on her to help with patients that have chronic health diseases along with mental health issues.  Denise finds these patients the resources that they need.  She is always willing to meet with patients before and after hours, if they can’t come in during regular hours.  She ensures that they have everything they need to succeed.  She goes above and beyond her normal duties to do this.  Denise has also spent countless hours on the phone and checking resources for patients with mental health conditions. 

Denise always says she treats people how she would want to be treated.  She treats each patient like they are her family.  She doesn’t pass judgment on why and how they are in the situation that they are in.  She met with an inpatient who had an issue with substance abuse.  She got her the resources and help she needed.  This patient stopped in the following week and told Denise how thankful she was.  If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t be alive.  She even sent her a thank you note a month later. 

I had the honor to share an office with Denise, so I would see and hear her interact with her diabetic patients.  She had a patient who was having a hard time with monitoring his glucose.  She would call him every morning to see what his numbers were and chat with him.  If she was going to be off for the day, she would have her Assistant Health Coach make sure to call.  This was not something that she had to do but she knew if she didn’t he would not check his numbers and would not be successful.    

Denise’s compassionate, loving and caring nature has an impact on patients every day.  She always says she is just doing her job, but she does a lot more than just her job, she truly cares about each of her patients.