Debra Eberhart

Debra Eberhart

Debra Eberhart, BSN, RN

WellStar Paulding Hospital
Hiram, Georgia
United States

Debra Eberhart receives the DAISY Award for the way she cared for someone that received devastating news about his son while a patient in the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). Mr. Smith (name changed) was in the CDU to receive care for chest pain. Mrs. Smith stayed the night to accompany her husband and left her infant child in the care of a friend. The Smiths were notified that their child had an emergency and was en route to another hospital in cardiac arrest. Debra sprang into action. She notified the physician immediately, developed a plan to ensure the patient could return to receive appropriate prescriptions even though he was signing out against medical advice. Debra notified the manager in order to assist with determining the best course of action to assist the patient and his wife to get to their child as soon as possible.

I was honored to witness Debra's compassion for this family during the most frightening time possible in a parent's life. She engaged everyone in the department, including the environmental services staff, physicians, and clinical care partners to rally together to meet the basic needs of the family. Debra knew that the only thing that mattered in the moment to the patient and his wife was to get to the other hospital to be with their critical child.

The news for the family was not good. The infant child unfortunately died in the other hospital. The patient and his wife returned to the CDU within a few hours of receiving news of their child's death. I arrived to the CDU to witness the patient and his wife speaking with Debra, hugging her, and thanking her for how she compassionately dealt with their situation earlier in the morning. They were sharing with Debra how they planned to travel to Florida to spend time with their family but had limited funds. Debra told them to wait and she would be back soon. Then I witnessed Debra taking a hundred bill out of her purse and giving to the Mr. Smith. The Smiths and Debra then had a group hug with tears and sincere gratitude shown towards Debra.

After the patient and his wife left the area, I commented to Debra on her generosity and she simply stated "that was the least I could do for that family." I believe that illustrates how Debra Eberhart makes a special connection with the family and deserves The DAISY Award!