Debora White

Debora White

Debora White, RN

Emergency Department
Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

It was a busy night in our department. Debbie was working as a triage nurse. It had slowed down enough for her to float in the department to help out.

We were caring for a gentleman with terminal cancer that had a tumor impeding his esophagus. This patient had a very limited diet and intake. As Debbie was assisting his primary nurse with trying to make him comfortable as he waited for a room in house, the patient requested some mashed potatoes from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Debbie came to me to let me know about the special request. I tried to reach another nurse that was scheduled to arrive at 10pm to see if she would be able to pick up some potatoes for him on her way in, but she did not answer. Debbie then volunteered to clock out and use her own time to fulfill this gentleman's request. When he received the mashed potatoes he was so satisfied, and the look on his face while he was eating was "priceless"!