Debbie Dixon

Debbie Dixon, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

My wife spent 85 days in your hospital, until she died on January 16, 2011. Most of that time was spent in Restorative Care, where she was cared for by a cadre of kind, caring nurses. They became our friends during our extended stay. My wife and I came to love many of them and they loved us.
This letter is specifically for the purpose of paying tribute to two ICU nurses who became so professionally involved in the last 36 hours of my wife’s life, when it became necessary to return her to ICU. Deborah Dixon and Lauren Plyler went beyond their specific duties, in their care for my wife. My wife was so easy to love. I could see that love growing in both Debbie and Lauren, as they fought back their tears. Exhausted, I went home the night of January 15th, so that I could be rested for the next day. Lauren was concerned for me and encouraged me to go home. She told me that she would call me if my wife’s condition worsened. Lauren called me @ 2:00am. She told me to return to the hospital, as my wife was not doing well. When I arrived, Lauren was so attentive to everything that she felt would bring comfort to my wife and myself, as a grieving husband. I brought in Clergy who prayed over my wife, as Lauren stood so still and silent, with tears streaming down her face. Lauren’s genuine concern and sympathy for my wife helped me so much, as I felt someone was sharing my pain with me. The glistening tears in Debbie’s eyes, as my wife passed, gave her emotions away. She struggled to maintain her professionalism. I will remember these two beautiful ladies into my heavenly years, when my wife and I can talk of those moments with joy and love.