Deb Edwards

Deb Edwards

Deb Edwards, BSN RN CRNI RN-BC

Specialty Infusion
Pentec Health
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
United States
Deb came and within 30 minutes my fears, attitude, and anger all went away.

I have known Deb Edwards for about 2 years. After being in the hospital for over a month and rehab in a nursing home, I have had many nurses and caregivers. When I came home I was exhausted- now waiting for a home nurse to do my meds and infusion. I was not happy. I  was in pain, could not get comfortable, I was upset, mad, and now a home nurse to do my pump. Then, Deb came and within 30 minutes my fears, attitude, and anger all went away.

Deb‘s kindness, knowledge, and her gentle caring way made me comfortable. She was easy to talk to! She listened, she was patient, and she explained everything in a way I understood.

So many things hit me hard and fast. A new pump for pain, spinal tumor, leg paralysis, breast cancer, detached retina, surgery and starting treatments- all in two weeks after working in nursing oncology for 25 years. No longer able to walk; one day running the next in a wheelchair. Deb Edwards was my angel, amazing, wonderful, and loving. She spoke to me and made me feel better, that everything was going to be ok.

She was wonderful with my family, especially my mom and dad. She truly cares about me and she listened when I was having a bad time and she used fun and laughter to take bad thoughts away. Anyone can pass boards and be a nurse, but it takes a loving, kind person to care, comfort and listen to their patient and especially family. I am lucky, blessed, and happy that Deb is part of my care.


I feel Deb Edwards has always had my comfort, quality of life and health as a priority in her life. Several times Deb met with me after one of the many MRI’s or certain tests were done to make sure my pain pump was functioning properly. Anytime I called or left a message to tell her what was scheduled to be done, she did what she had to. She could be there right after to check operating conditions of the pump. Anytime I was experiencing increased pain, Deb quickly responded and arranged for the pain medication increase to aid in combating the increased pain. Deb had always confirmed the pump port location and confirmed location prior to inserting the needle to refill it. With Deb, it’s always one and done!

But the most important reason I feel Deb Edwards is an extraordinary nurse happened in November. I was changing my shirt to return to work and drive the afternoon run of the school bus. I noticed the area over the Medtronic pump was red and felt very warm. I contacted Deb, explained in detail what it looked and felt like. Per Deb’s recommendation, I took a photo with my cell phone and texted it to my doctor’s office. Two hours later I was on my way to Shadyside Hospital for an emergency surgery to remove an infected pump. Doctors pumped 12-13 hours of antibiotics into my system over 10-12 hours and were able to control and eliminate the infection. The quick response coupled with seven days of IV antibiotics and then 6 weeks of home antibiotics successfully combated an infection that would have cost me my life. Deb's quick response got me to call my doctor and get it checked out. Deb Edwards saved my life!