Deanna Grimshaw

Deanna Grimshaw

Deanna Grimshaw, RN

Medical Telemetry
Phelps County Regional Medical Center
Rolla, Missouri
United States

I've been very sick for a while now, and have been in and out of the hospital several times. So on May 16, here I am again and this time it's my daughter's high school graduation and I could not go! I cried and cried all day until Nurse Deanna had an idea. My daughter and son were planning on coming to the hospital with cap and gown to take pictures, so Deanna said she could go down to the hospital gift shop to get a rose for me to give my daughter. The gift shop was closed, so she called her husband, who was 15 miles out of town, to buy a rose and bring it in as soon as he could.

Instead of one rose, he bought one dozen pink roses! I was so grateful for Deanna's thoughtfulness. She was my angel that day!

Thank you Deanna!