David Matthew Balderas
December 2017
David Matthew
Saint Agnes Medical Center
United States




David Matthew Balderas was nominated for his sensitivity in comforting a family during their loved one’s final days. After a long, mentally, physically and emotionally challenging battle in the fight against lung cancer – and after many surgeries – David made this patient’s stay a little bit more bearable with his caring and comforting demeanor.

“My grandpa loved David. He was always helping my grandpa and giving my mom, aunt and I information about what to do with him next.”

Although the patient was unable to talk in his final days, the granddaughter knew her grandfather liked David because he was never difficult for him.

“I will always remember David, he comforted my family so much and even more so my grandfather. Thank you, David, for your kind heart. We miss him every day, but when I think of his final days, I also think of you. You were so sensitive to everyone’s needs. Never stop loving people. God bless you and your life.”