Darlene Geller

Darlene Geller

Darlene Geller, BSN, RN, MNN

Mother Baby Unit 7th Floor
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies
Orlando, Florida
United States
Darlene not only put information in her special folder but also demonstrated the care included.

This past week Darlene showed her compassionate heart when she went above and beyond caring for a pre-teen postpartum patient. Darlene realized our regular ways of presenting education would not be effective for a middle school-aged child. She, in her usual innovative way, used her knowledge and developed a folder for the patient that included handouts and education that were more simplified for her age level. She also made a reminder dry erase sheet for her of when to change and feed the baby.

Darlene not only put information in her special folder but also demonstrated the care included. She showed her how to calm a fussy infant since she was concerned at her young age, she would not know what to do and would become easily frustrated. She showed her how to change a dirty diaper and then had her change the next one. She showed her the proper way to prepare formula and how to hold the infant while bottle-feeding to pace the feeding and prevent choking. Darlene was very careful to coordinate care with the night shift nurse, making sure all aspects of infant care were reviewed. She spent a great deal of time working with the leadership team to ensure a quality outcome for her patient and her baby and making sure all aspects of her care were addressed.

Darlene also advocated for her patient by collaborating with the patient and family counseling team and exploring all options to make sure this patient was in a safe environment after discharge.

Although this case was very upsetting and tugged at all of our heartstrings, Darlene was able to move forward and come up with a plan of care for this patient that was truly exceptional. Darlene's care for this patient is a perfect example of exemplary professional practice. She definitely made a meaningful difference in the care of this patient. On a daily basis, Darlene demonstrates skillful professional care.