Daphne Bell

Daphne Bell

Daphne Bell, BSN, RN, CCRN

Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit
Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children's Hospital - Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Daphne is known for her extraordinary IV access skills, and is often requested by families to start IVs.

Recently Daphne met with a teenage patient, who due to her illness visits the unit frequently for IV interventions. Daphne realized that the patient's anxiety level was extremely high and she was not feeling well both physically and emotionally. Daphne volunteered to come in on her day off to be with this patient and complete the IV start for her. Daphne brought her iPad for the patient to select music they could listen to during the treatment. Along with the music Daphne was able to distract the patient with conversation on school, her life & family. The patient commented on how bad she looked and that her hair was dirty, Daphne not only washed her hair to make her more comfortable, but turned the day into a "spa day"!

Within a few weeks the patient was back in the hospital with her condition deteriorating rapidly. The patient's family requested Daphne to join the family in anticipation of the patient passing. Daphne was there for them offering compassion and support. This meant a great deal to the family and helped them personally, during such a difficult time.

Thank you, Daphne for your extraordinary loving kindness, creativity and compassionate care!