Danielle Payne

Danielle Payne

Danielle Payne, BSN, RN

UW Health University Hospital
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
I told Danielle that B has a passion for music, so she made sure it was always playing for him.

Our son, B, arrived at the TLC on his birthday. B had a severe asthma attack at home and went into cardiac arrest. His sister, S, performed CPR until the EMTs arrived.

Danielle was B's primary nurse in the TLC. She gave B exceptional care and explained everything to us about the countless tubes, wires, and needles that were attached to our son.

B was on a paralytic, heavily sedated and chilled to 96 degrees to promote healing of the brain. Danielle assured S that this was not her fault, that she did everything she could do at home. Danielle listened to our anger, sorrow, frustration, and hopes with the utmost empathy-she has the most beautiful, expressive eyes! She focused on the little positives every day. She was so welcoming to all of B's visitors. She tried to make sure that I was eating, drinking and sleeping (impossible!). She always had a smile, a hug, a kind word.

Danielle was so gentle with B when repositioning him and always talked to him (I believe he could hear us!). When I worried about how cold he was, she gave me warm blankets to wrap around his hands. I told her that B has a passion for music, so she made sure it was always playing for him. She always positioned B in his bed in such a way that I could get in and snuggle him, listen to his heart beating.

By the third day B's condition worsened, and two days later he was pronounced brain dead. B then underwent organ donation surgery. There were three successful transplants. This is B's legacy. We are so grateful to Danielle for the extraordinary care she gave to B and to our entire family.