Dana Brunden

Dana Brunden, RN

Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

Dana Brundon

Dana has worked with us at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling for many years. She has experience in OB and the OR, as well as typically covering PACU. Dana has been so flexible and accommodating as a Nurse, she has assisted in the ED when needed and has served from time to time as House Administrator (covering shifts where someone needed to be off). Dana embraces opportunities to learn and grow and has never hesitated to assist. We know how special Dana's heart is, as she played a pivotal role in starting the "Walk To Remember" which has become our annual OB Bereavement service. Held every year in October (for about 6 years), the Walk To Remember is a signature event for SJMS in our community. Dana's nomination for the Daisy Award is prompted by her recent service in the House Administrator role. In October, Dana was asked to assist with coverage when the full time House Administrator was sidelined with illness. One particular night, October 27th, Dana had agreed to cover about half the shift from 7 pm to 1 a.m. After arriving at work, Dana found she was needed in OB where two moms were going to need Csections. One was an emergency and the other was a "failure to progress." At SJMS, we rarely have an emergency Csection. Even the "failure to progress" csections are not very common. So, to have two afterhours Csections on the same night was most unusual. Dana went into high gear and assembled the OR team, assisted both the OB staff and the OR in getting everything ready, and participated in the perioperative care of these moms. Our OB physician commented that he couldn't believe on this very night we had Dana covering. She was the perfect Nurse to have on duty, someone with both OB and OR experience, who knew how to make things happen and made sure it all went smoothly. Our OB staff was thrilled to have the support. Dana's skills are well respected and everyone was glad to have such a competent nurse assisting with these 2 cases. It was such a busy night, Dana stayed the entire 12 hour shift. She made sure the patients were alright and the other areas of the hospital were doing well, rather than leave. The Lord works in mysterious ways. At SJMS, on the night of October 27th, He made sure two moms and their new babies had Dana Brundon to help care for them. We are blessed to have Dana as one of our very special, very caring, and very talented RN's. Cinda Fluke