Cynthia Gaabucayan

Cynthia Gaabucayan, RN

Progressive Care Unit
San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
San Francisco, California
United States

Cynthia has been working on the step-down unit for seventeen years. During this time, she has demonstrated excellence in providing nursing care to a variety of acutely ill patients, including those who require complex disease management and have challenging psychosocial backgrounds. She performs her work with an eagerness and sense of compassion that is unique. Patients and families praise Cynthia, saying that they feel their own family is caring for them when she is their nurse. Fellow nurses appreciate her positivity and enthusiasm for her work, noting that she often sings when providing patient care.

Cynthia's exceptional care was recently well-illustrated when she cared for a medically complex patient with quadriplegia. Due to his medical conditions, he had a tracheostomy, could not speak and lacked motor function, making his only means of communication a letter board and the call light. For these reasons, hospitalization proved to be very anxiety provoking for this patient. The patient translated that anxiety into anger towards the nursing staff. Cynthia understood this about the patient and approached him with patience and understanding. She attended to his needs without complaint and was one of the key members of the care team that supported the patient until his discharge.

In addition to her excellent patient care, Cynthia also dedicates herself to orienting new nurses. I had the privilege of having Cynthia as my preceptor and she provided me with invaluable guidance during my orientation. Whenever I was confused or had questions, Cynthia would calmly guide me through the hospital policies. She was very welcoming and helped me make a smooth transition to San Francisco General Hospital.

I feel privileged to have a colleague like Cynthia who models compassion, caring and grace in her nursing care every day. Witnessing her work is a true inspiration and reminds me why I chose this profession. For this reason, I am honored to present this DAISY award to Cynthia.