Crystal Cook

Crystal Cook

Crystal Cook, RN

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
Albany, Georgia
United States

My mother received Triple Bypass surgery at Phoebe and Crystal Cook was the Lead Nurse prior to her surgery. Once my mother returned to the floor after surgery and ICU, the first nurse she asked for was Crystal. Originally another nurse was assigned to my mother and once Crystal learned that my mother was back on the floor she asked if she could be the Lead Nurse since she was her nurse prior to surgery. All family members including my mother felt a sincere and professional caring & trust by Crystal.

Crystal kept my mother and our family well informed of the nature of her condition, she didn't give any of us a false sense of hope, and most importantly she made my mother feel at ease knowing that everything was going to be fine. Somehow Crystal knew that my mother, brother, and I loved to cook and she felt that we were getting nervous about the upcoming surgery, she lighten the atmosphere by sharing traditional Southern recipes with the us. This truly uplifted my mother's spirits.

I remember during each shift change, she brought the nurse into my mother's room, introduced him/her to my mother and me, and she went over my mom's care that she gave her in our presence while making sure either of us had any questions/concerns prior to her end of shift. Surely that's most likely not required however; her sincerity made the entire family feel extremely comfortable.

Crystal's unwavering professionalism, honesty, caring, and sincerity is a root cause of my mother's approach to her procedure and her speedy recovery.