Critical Care Team at Beaumont Farmington Hills

ICU Team Members

Critical Care Team at Beaumont Farmington Hills, RNs and more

Beaumont Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills, Michigan
United States

The ICU team was recognized for a unique situation they had collaborating with another hospital to provide every possible resource they could to a very young patient who became critically ill very suddenly. The story exhibited the dedication the entire hospital had to support the ICU staff while they cared for this patient. The team who was working this particular day included:

Natalie Rewers, RN

Karen Dittrick, RN

Cathy Jo Harvey, RN

Julius Geronimo, RN

Erin Brotchner, RN

Tonya Vernier, RN

Gabe Smith, RN

Ateque  Sheikin, RN

Anna Benson, RN