Courtney Bodiford
August 2020
Medical ICU
Grady Memorial Hospital
United States




Courtney is always complete and thorough in her RASS/CAMIC nursing report. However, I would like to recognize her for stellar work in two areas.

One, I was doing bedside round teaching and Courtney was able to answer all the questions that the residents and other RN's could not answer, which reflects her critical thinking, her medical knowledge, and clinical reasoning skills.

But most importantly she was sitting by the telemetry monitor when she noticed a patient's HR was down to 45. She recalled from the previous day that that patient had actually been borderline high. She was the RN on the high side, so she never directly took care of the patient. She actually called the RN covering (who unfortunately was indisposed). Courtney rapidly went bedside to check on the patient. I told her that the patient was likely sleeping, and we just need to wake her up. When we arrived bedside, the patient was ashen, apneic and a code blue was called. Had Courtney not chosen to respond acutely the patient likely would have died.

Courtney always steps up and is the model RN and I would like to recognize her unwavering dedication to always do what is right even when no one is looking, the epitome of integrity.