Connie Callahan
January 2016
Home Telehealth
North Florida / South Georgia Veterans Health System
United States




Connie Callahan is a perfect example of promoting/providing patient-centered care in a collaborative environment.  She is involved in monitoring and working with patients through the Home Telehealth program, which I find to be an invaluable tool to improve the patient’s quality of life, reduce hospitalizations as well as costly ED visits and admissions.  She extends herself to her patients and displays a sincere interest in the health and welfare of the patients she monitors. 

I have had the opportunity to work with Connie in treating patients with chronic conditions such as HTN, DM and CHF.  She always goes the extra mile to check on the patients and furnish the provider with detailed notes for follow-on care.  Additionally, (and I am not sure how she manages to stay abreast of the numerous patients she serves), she will alert me regarding blood pressure readings and blood sugar readings of patients scheduled to be seen in clinic the day before the patient’s appointment.  This reduces research time and provides valuable information regarding the patient’s current health state and enables the PACT and Care Coordinator to anticipate the patient’s needs prior to the appointment.  This also allows for an opportunity to collaborate with the patient’s provider ahead of time to establish a treatment plan, allowing the team to utilize the appointment time in an efficient manner.

As a result, Connie Callahan’s actions not only provide excellent care and reduce costs, but positively impact patient access.  She truly emulates the ICARE principles and is an invaluable asset to our patients, her department and the NF/SG VA Health System.