Colleen Keene

Colleen Keene

Colleen Keene, RN CCRN

Adult Critical Care
Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States

I am going to let the letter written by the patient's mother tell you why Colleen should receive the DAISY Award.

My son was admitted to the ICU after being brought into the ED on Saturday morning. He died on Monday and he was 21 years old. I am so thankful and grateful for the love and attention that Colleen gave (his RN on Saturday and Monday) that I am beside myself. She sincerely likes people and did not mind the absolutely mind numbing questions that I kept asking about the monitors, procedures, and that I wanted and needed my son to die with his friends around him, telling stories and laughing.

She has a calm and soothing nature, she made the kids all feel welcome and comforted even when they asked her what was happening, what she was doing, and how the monitors showed what my son was going through inside. She must have answered our repeated questions a hundred times but by the third day and with lack of sleep, I could not keep things straight after a while.

There were so many people that loved my son. He lived in a loud, boisterous and laughing world. My son was a great kid who did more for people than most people do for others in a lifetime without asking for anything in return. Colleen was instrumental in the healing of hundreds of kids that came through, regardless of the rules of the ICU. I appreciate your love, patience and the thoughtfulness of Colleen. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she did to help a lot of people suffer through such terrible moments.