Cody Allison

Cody Allison

Cody Allison, RN

Citizen's Memorial Healthcare
Bolivar, Missouri
United States

Cody's coworkers and patients rely on her for guidance and continuity of care. Her leadership style is a bit Mary Poppins, with a firm, but gentle hand. Above all, Allison has a heart of gold.

Recently, Allison helped a patient who had custody of a granddaughter, while the patient was hospitalized. With very few resources available for safe care of the child while the patient was hospitalized, Allison worked with the Division of Family Services to find a temporary place for the granddaughter to stay until out-of-town family could arrive.

Though this is only one example of Cody's compassion for her patients, I hope you can see the DAISY spirit and CMH PRIDE that she carries with her in all that she does.