Claudia Garvens

Claudia Garvens, RN

Women & Infant Care
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

I gave birth to my first baby at 3:30am on a Tuesday morning. Claudia was my nurse during the labor. But it wasn’t until 4 days later that I will always remember her work. Mid-day Friday we were readmitted to the hospital after being released for one day. The reason, escalating jaundice levels for my little girl. That Friday, much less the previous few days were full of questions. Why was she escalating so much with jaundice, did we use the at-home light therapy blanket correctly, is she getting enough to eat, and on and on. Friday back at the hospital was a relief that one girl would get the help she needed, but also was a readjustment back to the hospital and I was exhausted. When the night shift started and Claudia became my nurse, all I can say to describe her was “relief”. I called her “Octonurse” to my husband, because it seemed like she had eight arms. She was checking my daughter’s temperature, doing my blood pressure check, changing a diaper, setting up schedules, and many more things I can’t even remember, all in the course of about five minutes. As if attending to everything didn’t put me at ease enough, she offered to do my supplemental feeding for my daughter at the next two hour time so I could get some sleep. I hesitated at first, then realized I needed this relief and the next think I knew, Claudia was back in about 4 hours, reporting on how my daughter ate two hours ago, and that a new feeding was now on track. The most important relief Claudia gave me was also one of watching the clock. With all previous nurses, I was afraid to fall asleep, afraid I would miss a 2-3 hour time feeding window because my daughter’s jaundice made her sleepy or I would miss a blood lab scheduled time. Claudia was the one who was in my room 5 minutes before all timelines and I soon learned I could count on her to not miss anything for my daughter. Claudia, my “Octonurse” with eight arms helping me and my daughter in what was a very nervous time for me since she wasn’t doing well at first, will always be gratefully remembered. Thank you for helping us get better.