Christopher Coronado

Chris Coronado

Christopher Coronado, RN

Medical Surgical - Pediatrics
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital
Jonesboro, Arkansas
United States

My neighbor is a patient on 4 East.  Her and her husband have one daughter who lives out of town so I try to check on them as much as possible.  I was in her room today when her nurse, Chris Coronado, came in to administer a medication.  Not only was he professional, but he also showed kindness and compassion as he worked.  When he left the room both the patient and her husband commented that he was “the best nurse they have ever had”.  Her husband has been staying with her and he had story after story about the ways Chris had gone above and beyond by spending extra time and talking to them about things other than the hospital and her care, which was very refreshing to his mind and soul.  They are very thankful for his kindness and so am I as these two mean a lot to me.  Kudos to the 4 East staff for their dedication to patient care and a special thank you to Chris who they cannot speak more highly of!!