Christine Reed

Christine Reed

Christine Reed, RN

Observation Center
Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals
Clinton Township, Michigan
United States
When I thanked Christine she said, “I just love helping people out.”

Over the holiday weekend, I found myself with a nasty reaction to a home infusion IV drug I had been prescribed to treat a blood infection.  Due to my illness, my family had traveled from Texas and Virginia to spend the 2-day weekend with me. 

Now, I only had one day before they would leave.  I was just sitting in bed at the hospital and was told I could not go home because the PICC team would not be available to change my IV line because they did not work on the holiday.  Christine Reed found a way to help me go home that day by jumping through a ton of hoops for me.  She got the Internal Medicine doctor’s permission, talked with Infectious Disease Control, arranged to have me get IVs at the Rapid Treatment Unit, allowed me to leave with 2nd IV line in, coordinated with Scheduling for the out-patient infusions, and contacted the Home Care Unit to arrange to get my new prescribed IV drugs sent to my home.  She had me out of there by 1:00 p.m. and I was able to spend dinner with my family that day.  Thank you so much, Christine!  I know you did not have to do any of those things for me, but you did!  When I thanked her she said, “I just love helping people out.” 

I am grateful to have had Christine as my nurse that day.