Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly

Christine Kelly, RN, BSN

Maternity Ward
Princeton HealthCare System
Plainsboro, New Jersey
United States

Christine was my night nurse for two nights in the maternity ward. I just had my first baby and was struggling with breastfeeding. My daughter had lost weight, but Christine helped me maintain a positive attitude and stay committed to trying to nurse by providing cooling pads, calling in a lactation specialist, and most importantly - keeping me calm. When the question of introducing formula to help with weight came up, Christine continued her support by suggesting I pump. Rather than wait for a pump, she got it herself. For the rest of the night, she was so often at my side, cheering the baby and me on.

Imagine how grateful I was to see that she would be my nurse the next night. This night before I went home, she supplied lots of info verbally and in writing. What really touched me though was the way she interacted with my husband and stepson. Her questions showed how much she had listened and remembered about them from my chatting through the long sessions getting my daughter to feed.

Truly, Christine is a special nurse who so deserves to be honored.