Christine Jonte

Christine Jonte

Christine Jonte, RN, BSN

Saint Luke's North Hospital
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Christine Jonte is a very caring person. The night I came in, my blood level was very low. She and her staff had to give me two blood transfusions. I have special blood that came from Saint Luke's Plaza. The blood had to be put through a warmer when it was time for the blood to come. There were 2 doctors and 2 nurses setting up the process as they had not done this before.

Wow, what a learning experience for me and my family and staff. Every hour Christine would give us an update on when the blood would arrive and what was to happen. She also assisted. They were all so attentive to me and my family. If we needed anything, she got it for us. She accommodated sleep chairs so 2 of my family members could stay with me during the transfusions. Whenever I needed anything, they were always there.

Christine is a very caring nurse and loves her job and I received excellent care. Always cheerful and concerned. Thank you to this whole staff on the care I received.