Christina Malandrakis

Christina Malandrakis, RN

Community Hospital North
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

Christie has been so wonderful to me and so thoughtful. She gave me an ice pack that I never knew could be made out of a diaper. Total genius! She also gave me a wonderful water bottle to help me keep track of how much liquid I am taking in. She is very kind and generous to me and shows a great deal of compassion. I couldn’t ask for a better nurse. She truly has made my stay here so much more comfortable and is helping me hope that I will get better and soon. She has a wonderful heart and spirit and is a joy to talk to and be around. She also even checks up on me even when I don’t use the call button. Her demeanor is what I have always imagined a nurse to have. She is great and wonderful and I nominate her because I believe she deserves this award and she deserves the acknowledgement of how truly blessed patients are to have her.