Christina Ginnis

Christina Ginnis, RN

Acute Care Unit
Texas Children's Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

When our daughter Samantha was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital with Scalded Skin Syndrome resulting from a staph infection, Sam was in agony. She could not move without crying. Sam was scared, not knowing or understanding why she was in so much pain and why all of these doctors and nurses wearing gloves and gowns were constantly poking and prodding her, sticking her with needles and examining her continuously. As parents, we were distraught that our daughter was in so much pain, scared about the prognosis and generally frustrated by our feelings of hopelessness. Many of the doctors and nurses at Texas Children's Hospital that provided care to Samantha were special. But, one nurse was extraordinary in her ability to communicate and connect with Samantha, build trust with her, while calming and reassuring us as parents: Christina Ginnis. Christina was Samantha’s nurse for three consecutive days and played a critical role in healing Samantha. Christina never entered Samantha’s room without a smile. Christina displayed only a happy, hopeful, enthusiastic and friendly demeanor. Christina not only provided to Samantha’s medical attention, she became Samantha’s friend. Samantha trusted Christina and that enabled Christina to administer the care Samantha needed. We assume that all the nurses on the staff at Texas Children's Hospital possess the ability to carry out their day to day responsibilities. But what distinguishes one as an expert is the ability to form a relationship of trust with a patient. Samantha felt more comfortable when Christina was on the floor attending to her; we felt more comfortable when Christina was on the floor attending to out daughter. Out time at Texas Children's Hospital was positive in that our daughter received expert, loving, and attentive care from her nurses. Christina Ginnis was first among all nurses in her ability to provide medical care for our daughter. All nurses and doctors should possess the bedside manner that Christina possesses. When Samantha was sick and crying in pain, Christina was able to communicate with her and elicit a smile or even laughter. Samantha received the medicine she needed from an IV. As the parents of a patient, seeing out daughter stop crying and even smile – that was the medicine we needed as parents. Based on our experience, Christina Ginnis is a jewel in the crown of Texas Children's Hospital.