Christina Forseth

Christina Forseth

Christina Forseth, BSN, RN

Pediatric - General Medical Inpatient Unit
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Christina is willing to help staff and serve as a resource even when she’s busy with her own patients, all the while never neglecting her own patient’s needs.

Christina Forseth has been a dedicated employee of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for over 18 years.  She has a clear dedication to her patients, their families, her coworkers, and the hospital itself. On many occasions, Christina has expressed how thankful she is to be able to use her nursing skills to provide care to some of the sickest children. She understands the magnitude and importance of the work that she does, but is also extremely humble. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s mission is to have the healthiest kids in the nation. That goal is not only attainable by providing care that is purposeful, collaborative, and innovative but also by providing the best and safest care. Christina demonstrates all of these values in her nursing role.    

Christina keeps safety at the forefront of her mind. No task is accomplished without the safety of patient’s and others involved driving her thought processes.  An example of her commitment is how Christina has served as a high flow oxygen champion over the past few years.  Because of her expertise and critical thinking skills, she is perfect for handling challenging high flow situations. W12, Christina’s primary unit, is the only acute care unit that will implement high flow oxygen as a patient intervention. So, Christina not only serves as a knowledgeable resource to W12 staff but also assists staff throughout acute care areas that are questioning whether a patient would benefit from high flow. Another example of her dedication to safety and high practice standards shows because she is the unit representative on the hospital-wide Joint Clinical Practice Council which reviews and approves all system policies.  She helps coach staff on policy changes and advocates for changes that positively impact patients and their families.

Christina has also acted as an Epic Activation support champion when Children’s adopted Epic as its means of documentation. Christina embraces change knowing that without change there can be no growth. Christina’s expertise and positive attitude helped individuals adjust during a difficult electronic health record upgrade process.

Her peers express nothing but positive opinions of her. On several occasions, her peers have voiced to leadership that she is the epitome of a team player. Christina is willing to help staff and serve as a resource even when she’s busy with her own patients, all the while never neglecting her own patient’s needs. Every time she enters a room that family becomes her one and only focus. Christina has received several DAISY nominations from families expressing their gratitude for the amount of time she spent with them developing a relationship and reassuring them during difficult times. They also have stated how they feel as though their safety and care is her number one priority. It is not always easy to provide that kind of care during a busy shift. However, Christina remains calm and logical in the most stressful situations. She never complains about a busy or difficult shift and instead examines systems issues and provides objective, solutions-focused feedback to leaders and her peers. 

Indisputably Christina deserves the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses because she exemplifies a commitment to workplace safety and she serves her patients with kindness, compassion, and an understanding that others simply cannot emulate. 


My son was admitted. We were put on the 12th floor. I’m glad we were as we got to have the BEST nurse for 2 days straight. Her name is Christina Forseth. Right from the beginning, she was kind and patient and understanding to any of our needs and questions. Christina wasn’t just a nurse here to get her paycheck and leave. She is a mom at home and brings that same love to work to treat her patients and their families! 

We were able to watch Christina teach a student nurse very patiently how to do certain antibiotic bags on his IV. We have had many nurses in our time, especially with my son’s medical conditions. I don’t usually write something out, however, I saw these forms on the desk and my son and I felt she needed to be recognized for her outstanding job! She talked to everyone in the room as if they were her family, that includes all her co-workers. She worked well as a team. She made sure from the beginning we were all comfortable and had what we needed and all questions answered or got answers to our questions. She made the end of her shift pleasant as she came to say goodbye to us. We all had a connection with this awesome woman, nurse, mother, and friend and in our eyes a DAISY! She should be recognized and told how great she is at her job. Congrats to a great nurse on a job well done!