Christina Bennett

Christina Bennett

Christina Bennett, BSN, RN

MedSurg 4
Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States

I feel Christina Bennett, RN deserves this award because she is a phenomenal nurse whether she is working under pressure or not. Here is why I believe Christina deserves this award:

It was about 01:30 and I was watching Christina chart when we had our fellow nurse ask her to come into a patient's room and check out the patient. We quickly went in and Christina noticed the patient was having seizure like activity. I was astounded to see how quickly and calmly Christina reacted to this whole situation. She knew exactly what to do. I inside was panicking. But once I saw her react as she did, I felt a sense of assurance. All of the nursing books tell you what you should do in case of an emergency, but never do they mention that you must remain calm and be confident in what you are doing and what you know.

I am so thankful that Christina taught me how to properly react during a code. By doing this, I feel she has made me a better future nurse and in turn when I have students I can teach them just as she taught me. She has planted a seed within me that will flourish and never die. Christina Bennett is exactly the kind of nurse that J Patrick Barnes' family would feel is deserving of this award. Thank you.