Christie Clark

Christie Clark, MSN, BSN, RN, CCRN

St. David's North Austin Medical Center
Austin, Texas
United States
Sometimes we have challenging patients to care for but Christie maintains her professionalism and provides unbiased care to all.

Christie demonstrates integrity every day that she is at work. She comes in with a positive attitude, and always does her best work, even if she is tired or having a difficult day. Christie seeks clarification for anything she is not sure about doing, by checking the policy or discussing it with her supervisor first.

Christie is the embodiment of compassion. In the ICU, we often have to deliver bad news to patients and families. She is genuinely concerned about doing this in the most supportive way, be that by sitting with the family or patient and just being present, to calling the chaplain or social worker, or by assuring that the environment is calm and quiet for the patient. She is also compassionate with her orientees. It's very stressful to start any new job, but being a brand new nurse in the ICU can be overwhelming. Christie is supportive and caring with these new nurses, and often is sought out to be a mentor well after the nurse has finished orientation.

Christie demonstrates accountability by being present, coming to work on time, and following the mission of the hospital. She also holds herself accountable to complete her work and if she is not able to, she immediately seeks out assistance so that the patient gets what they need. She also holds others accountable by speaking with them if they missed something during their shift but she does this in an educational, non-confrontational manner.

Christie is respected by coworkers, families, patients, physicians, and ancillary staff. She is frequently recognized with North Star Cards for going above and beyond, and for her sweet disposition. Additionally, Christie respects her co-workers and what they bring to the table. She is respectful of all members of the healthcare team, including the patient themselves. Sometimes we have challenging patients to care for but Christie maintains her professionalism and provides unbiased care to all.

Christie's excellence is evident in her work. Her patients are well cared for, she has discussed care with the team so that the patient receives multidisciplinary interventions, and her patients frequently compliment her. Several physicians comment on her excellent nursing care, and one doctor was even heard to say that he's always glad when Christie is recovering one of his patients.

One of Christie's many strengths is her even-keeled attitude. Even in an emergency, she remains calm and confident, which not only helps the staff around her to remain calm but also helps the patient. She is an excellent clinician and well respected by the staff, patients, and physicians. Christie is truly an asset to the ICU and to SDNAMC!