Cheryl Majewski

Cheryl Majewski, RN

Nursing Unit 9A
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Below is an email I received from the AOD about Cheryl who went above and beyond to talk to the patient through a difficult time in his life. It may have been easier to keep the patient restrained during his recovery but definitely not in his best interest and Cheyl knew that.
I just wanted to send a note to let you know what an amazing job Cheryl did today with a boy with major behavioral health issues. I am sure you heard (or will hear) he came in as an ingestion/possible drug OD ended up in behavioral restraints, very uncooperative. Cheryl picked him up this morning and was able to get him to the point of removing the restraints by 0930 and provided him great support and helped facilitate transfer to a rehab facility. She had to work with SW, Tox service and behavioral health and was well worth it to think this boy will get the help he ends. She was able to help him understand why he needed to go to rehab and really went above and beyond assisting the patient. She could have just focused on the fact the unit felt he was a “dump” because he really had no medical needs once the drugs wore off but instead did everything she could to provide emotional support and guidance.