Cheryl Cassel

Cheryl Cassel

Cheryl Cassel, RN

Morton Plant Hospital
Dunedin, Florida
United States

Cheryl has a wonderful ability to bond compassionately with her patients and their families. She especially shines when her patients face difficult circumstances by showing empathy, caring, and truly making families feel comforted. Here are some patient and family comments provided by her peers:

Cheryl spent many days caring for Mr. S. She developed a rapport with the family and provided a sense of peace and comfort during his last days. The family felt so comforted by her care that they sent a personalized note to the unit thanking Cheryl for all she did. "Thanks so much for the extra care you provided to Mr. S and his son-in-law who was extremely grateful for you being Mr. S's nurse because you exemplify what nursing is all about - care and compassion for patient and family members; professionalism at its greatest."

Another note from a second family said, "Thank you for the wonderful care you gave my friend who was visiting me from the north when she became ill. I especially want to thank Cheryl for going out of her way to make me feel calm."

Cheryl receives numerous patient compliments for her amazing care. She is more than just a nurse to her patients and families. She is their source of peace and comfort.