Cherie Walker

Cherie Walker

Cherie Walker, RN

UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

...our father was brought to Trinity Rock Island Emergency Room. He had finished treatments for Pharyngeal cancer and was very weak. When he arrived at the hospital he was incoherent. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and was having problems with shallow breathing. He was taken care of by Cherie Walker. Even though Dad was incoherent she spoke to him, explaining everything she was doing. She treated him with respect and compassion. Cherie explained what was happening to our mom and the family that was there. I felt as though Cherie was including us in everything that was going on as if we were a team helping our Dad together.

Dad was moved to a private room and seemed to rally somewhat. Sadly we lost our father later that day. While our family was having some private time before Dad was taken to the funeral home, the staff on 7 South were very respectful bringing coffee and cookies. We needed time to prepare for the days to follow and never felt rushed. As we were together, we saw this little blond angel come towards us-it was Cherie.

It wasn't part of her job but she came to give condolences to our mom and family. We feel that she went above and beyond the job requirements. She truly has a calling for her career, but I don't feel that Cherie treats what she does as a job. That is the kind of nurse everyone would be lucky to have.

During our time of shock and sorrow, Cherie and the staff helped to ease our pain. I want to express our thanks and gratitude to Cherie, the ER staff and the staff of 7 South.