Cherie Alombro

Cherie Alombro

Cherie Alombro, RN

Terrebonne General Medical Center
Houma, Louisiana
United States
Cherie went above and beyond her staff nurse duties to ensure the healthcare team and family effectively communicated.

I would like to recognize Cherie Alombro for her compassion and dedication to nursing practice. Her ability to communicate effectively with the patient, their family, providers, and staff allows for exceptional care and quality exchange of medical information. The exchange of information between providers and the patient/family is crucial for the family to make informed decisions.

One day, a family meeting was requested by the doctor. The critically ill patient had multiple co-morbid conditions and was being followed on a daily basis by four medical specialty physicians. Cherie reached out to the family and secured a time that they could meet. She contacted all of the patient's providers and requested they attend a family meeting to discuss the course of treatment, care options and the patient/family wishes regarding continued aggressive therapy/resuscitation. Cherie impressed upon each provider the need to collaborate and present a realistic and unified plan to the family. Cherie set up the meeting space in a comfortable and private setting. All four providers presented to the meeting room. The providers were able to discuss the patient and her care needs with support staff (nursing CRT and case management) prior to the meeting. A consensus was reached and it was determined which providers and support staff would attend the meeting.

Cherie escorted the family to the meeting room. She attended the meeting and provided family support. She followed up with the family and reiterated facts provided in the meeting as well as additional disease education and personal experiences relevant to the patient's care goals. Cherie went above and beyond her staff nurse duties to ensure the healthcare team and family effectively communicated. Her efforts made a meaningful difference in the care of the patient and the effectiveness of the clinical team.


I would like to recognize the contributions made by Cherie Alombro, RN, while caring for my patient. Cherie went above and beyond her staff nursing duties to communicate and coordinate a family meeting with the patient's family and her attending physicians. Cherie contacted each provider and facilitated a date and time for the meeting that accommodated both providers and the family. She anticipated the emotional support needs of the family. She contacted nursing leadership and care management for resources to assist the family. Cherie also reinforced disease education and recommendations following the meeting. I appreciate her hard work and dedication to the care of the patient and support for the patient's family.