Cheri Ball

Cheri Ball

Cheri Ball, RN

Neuro Stepdown Unit
Essentia Health - East
Duluth, Minnesota
United States

When it comes to teamwork Cheri was more than willing to help me learn where things are, explain how to do a job the way it needs to be done, and even after I have learned my job, she is willing to jump in and help me with any task to make it easier on myself and the patient. Cheri displays teamwork with all her coworkers and because of that, her work ethic prospers and shines radiantly. Excellence is earned and Cheri has earned every bit of what she has and well deserves the gratitude for the hard work she shows every day.


Out of all the nurses who do extraordinary work, one nurse stand out more than others to me. From the moment she walks into a room with a smile on her face, to her kind voice as she greets and acknowledges the patient needs, to caring for their illness and providing encouragement to help boot there morale and mental sadness for the predicament they are in. I see it in her heart, the love she has for the work she does, and for the concern in her patients.