Cecilia Widner-White

Cecilia Widner-White, RN

Critical care
Swedish Edmonds Hospital
Edmonds, Washington
United States
She makes our whole environment safer and calmer.

Every day is better when CeCe is working.  CeCe is always around in emergencies.  She is helpful and calm.  She goes above and beyond.  She teaches as she assists.  CeCe is self-driven and motivated.  She is a positive influence, great role model and example.  She prioritizes.  If she is busy she always checks in as soon as she can.  CeCe jumps in during codes.  She offers and assists in patient transport.  She makes our whole environment safer and calmer.  She rounds on all the floors when it is a slower time to assist nurses in tasks to be helpful.  CeCe is a delight to be around.  She is always critically thinking about what is best for the patient.  Families always have positive feedback about her.  CeCe is compassionate and strong.  She plays as patient advocate, speaks her opinion and always offers expert advice.  It is a pleasure working with CeCe.  She is the kind of nurse that sets a golden standard for the nursing profession.