Cathy Bowen

Cathy Bowen, RN

Gwinnett Medical Center
Lawrenceville, Georgia
United States
Cathy gives them the utmost dignity in dire situations, and encouragement.

I have had the honor of working with Cathy Bowen for 25+ years.  She is a rock-solid bedside nurse with superb skills and is a very able charge nurse.  She is patient with all staff, medical and nursing, quietly going about her charge duties, seemingly never getting ruffled with the hectic pace of our unit.  She is fair, honest, and quick on her feet; even-tempered with all our staff. This is not something easily accomplished on some days! 

Cathy is very thorough with her assessments, sharing her information and teaching younger staff as she goes.  She handles our surgeons with kid gloves, maneuvering them through tense times.  She has a special heart for our organization, its leaders, and her peers as well as some of our specialized populations such as GI patients. She gives them the utmost dignity in dire situations, and encouragement. 

Cathy is just as comfortable at the bedside as she is behind the desk, handling problems, add-ons, and other concerns.  She has a special empathy for our cancer patients as she is a 3-year survivor!  She is a wealth of information for these cases.  Being a DAISY Honoree myself, I think she is the absolute epitome of a DAISY Nurse, so well rounded, well-seasoned and so strong in her skills.  I think nursing chooses us we don't choose to nurse, and nursing has definitely chosen Cathy as one of its most special!