Cassandra Baker

Cassandra Baker, RN

5 West
MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital (MD)
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Cassandra has been a nurse at Good Sam for over ten years… She brings her expert nursing experience, her confidence in her work, her dedication to her patients and team, and her commitment to work with her everyday she works…. Cassandra is a strong patient advocate and caring nurse. …

Mr. B.C. was admitted with rectal bleeding from a senior apartment community. B.C. spoke little English. The physician wrote for B.C. to be discharged back to his senior apartment. Mr. C. had no family in the area and had no transportation to get home. He was given a cab voucher by case management. Cassandra gave Mr. C his discharge instructions and prescriptions and she also called his son in Wisconsin to go over the discharge instructions. When Mr. C got dressed to go home, he was unsteady on his feet. Cassandra told the charge nurse that she was uncomfortable sending Mr. C home in a cab because his gait was unsteady and the cab driver may not understand him. They called the A.D.N. to see what action could be taken. Cassandra offered to drive Mr. C home herself so that she would know he was safe. The A.D.N. said that she could not drive the patient home because of liability reasons. So, Cassandra settled for following the cab in her car so she would know Mr. C got home safely. When Cassandra got off work at 7:30pm she called the cab for Mr. C and waited with him until the cab arrived. She then gave the cab driver Mr. C’s address and told him to wait for her because she was going to follow him in her car. Cassandra then followed the cab to Mr. C’s home and made sure he got into his building safely before she went home herself.

… this story exemplifies Cassandra heart of gold and commitment to the safety of her patients.