Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis, RN

Surgical Services
Southwest Regional Medical Center (OH)
Georgetown, Ohio
United States

Carrie Davis is always willing to help on any case or any situation with a smile and positive attitude putting her patients first. Among the many extra things she is willing to do, the above and beyond area is when she is not even on call for emergency after hour surgical cases. Carrie still gladly comes in for emergency coverage when the weather is bad or when our beeper system fails. Her willingness to serve her hospital and patients is truly an unselfish act of dedication to her profession and the community/hospital.

She is truly a DAISY! Carrie is willing to do any task asked of her. From working multiple areas of surgical services to the day to day chores of stocking, ordering or cleaning areas that she is not even routinely assigned to or working with the most difficult cases. Her team work is always above and beyond. She is a true asset to this department, our hospital and community.