Carrie Backus

Carrie Backus

Carrie Backus, RN

Progressive Care- Neuro
Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center
Sun City West, Arizona
United States
What makes Carrie different is her obvious loving and caring spirit for her patients.

Carrie starts and ends her day with a big smile and a caring heart. My husband suffered a third stroke in 3 months and started his day in the hospital feeling discouraged and down. He had lost his ability to speak, to ask for the simplest things, like a urinal. Carrie has the gift of anticipating a patient's needs without hearing the spoken word. She is precise with technique-meticulous is a better word! What makes her different is her obvious loving and caring spirit for her patients. She has a great sense of humor but always remains respectful.

She handled one situation with great respect. My husband became frustrated with a 4 am lab tech and refused to have his blood drawn. She approached him by explaining why the ordered test was necessary for his care. She assured him of his right to refuse by handling the situation with great finesse and professionalism, ending the discussion with her big smile. He looked at her and said (with difficulty) "of course" ... She had won him over. She balanced his need to be out of bed with his need to rest following this 3rd stroke. Somehow, she managed to be present when various doctors arrived to discuss test findings. She presented various symptoms she observed and carefully listened to their comments.

Del Webb Hospital is blessed to have this caring nurse on staff and my husband was blessed to have her as his nurse. As his wife, she blessed me with the knowledge that he was in excellent hands during his stay.